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McConaghy/Flatt/Nairn/Creer Family History

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Four families from England, Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man emigrated to Australia in the mid 19th century for better lives.
They had a shared destiny.
This site tells something of their background in the "Old Country" and their struggle in the New World.

Alexander McConaghy married Louisa Flatt in Sydney. One of their seven children was Aubrey McConaghy.
James Hannah Nairn married Sarah Jane Creer and had two children including a daughter, Jean Nairn.
Aubrey McConaghy and Jean Nairn married in Moree, but lived most of their lives in Sydney.


Many family members have helped with this research, and in particular:
Belinda Cohen
Jean McConaghy nee Nairn
Doug McConaghy
Ric McConaghy
Victor and Nansi Creer
John Creer
Alison Robertson nee Beveridge
Marie McConaghy nee Lee
Katie Nielsen
Ron and Eve Richardson
Bruce Cook
Mary Platt

The River Bush, Bushmills, Co. Antrim- birthplace of the McConaghys

Nairn house, Whithorn, Scotland- birthplace of the Nairns

Douglas, Isle of Man- birthplace of the Creers

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