McConaghy/Flatt/Nairn/Creer Family History
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The McConaghy Family History

1. Hugh McConaghy, b. 1776, (son of ? McConaghy and unknown). He married Ann McGee, married in Lisnagunnogue?, b. 1779, buried: 21 Oct 1833 in Lisnagunnogue, Co. Antrim. Hugh buried: 21 Feb 1853 in Lisnagunnogue, Co. Antrim?.


2. i Andrew McConaghy b. 1802.

3. ii Ellen McConaghy.

4. iii David McConaghy.

5. iv Mary McConaghy.

6. v Hugh McConaghy.

Second Generation

2. Andrew McConaghy, b. 1802 in Bushmills, Co. Antrim, Nth Ireland. He married Matilda Alexander, married 29 Apr 1833 in Bushmills, Co. Antrim, b. 1817 in Drumnagee, Co. Antrim, Nth Ireland, (daughter of David Alexander and Martha Kelso) d. 6 May 1889 in Paddington, Sydney, buried: in Rookwood. Andrew died 19 Nov 1888 in Paddington, Sydney, buried: in Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney.


i David McConaghy, b. 19 Mar 1834 in Bushmills.

ii Betty McConaghy, b. 1835 in Bushmills.

iii Robert McConaghy.

7. iv Alexander McConaghy b. 3 Mar 1836.

v Hugh McConaghy, b. 15 Dec 1838 in Bushmills.

vi Matthew McConaghy, b. 18 Feb 1842 in Bushmills.

vii John McConaghy.

viii Joseph McConaghy.

ix Martha McConaghy.

x Mary McConaghy, b. 1842 in Bushmills.

xi Andrew McConaghy, b. 21 Nov 1846 in Bushmills.

3. Ellen McConaghy. She married Robert McKinley.


i Mary McKinley, b. 3 Feb 1827.

4. David McConaghy. He married Hester Rosemens (Isabella Kain).


i Mary McConaghy, b. 2 Jun 1827.

ii David McConaghy?.

8. iii Isabella McConaghy.

iv John McConaghy.

9. v Francis McConaghy.

vi Hugh McConaghy.

vii Jane McConaghy.

viii Rose McConaghy.

5. Mary McConaghy. She married William White.


i Patrick White, b. 12 Feb 1828.

6. Hugh McConaghy. He married Catherine ?.


10. i David Alexander McConaghy b. 1 Jan 1848.

Third Generation

7. Alexander McConaghy, b. 3 Mar 1836 in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Nth Ireland. He married Mary Chestnut, married 24 Oct 1865 in Sydney, b. 7 Mar 1847 in Belfast, Nth. Ireland, (daughter of James Chestnut and Jane Wilson) d. 9 Jul 1933 in Mosman, Sydney, buried: in Rookwood. Alexander died 29 Oct 1918 in Paddington, Sydney, buried: in Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney.


11. i Mary Jane McConaghy b. 24 Feb 1867.

12. ii Alexander McConaghy b. 1869.

13. iii Matilda McConaghy b. 1871.

iv Martha McConaghy, b. 1873, d. 1873.

14. v James Andrew McConaghy b. 18 Nov 1874.

vi David McConaghy, b. 1876, d. 1911.

vii Joseph McConaghy, b. 1879. He married Stella Porter. Joseph died bef 1933.

15. viii William McConaghy b. 1880.

ix Andrew McConaghy, b. 29 Sep 1882, d. 1904 in Penrith, Sydney.

16. x Ellen Chestnut McConaghy b. 1885.

8. Isabella McConaghy. She married ? Creighton.


i ?.

ii ?.

iii Isabella Creighton.

9. Francis McConaghy. He married Margaret ?.


17. i Charles McConaghy.

ii Frank McConaghy.

iii Margaret McConaghy.

10. David Alexander McConaghy, b. 1 Jan 1848 in Lisnagunnogue, Co. Antrim. He married Mary Parke Simpson, married 27 Mar 1875 in Balgowrie or Fairy Meadow, Wollongong, b. 9 Aug 1853 in Co. Sligo, d. 22 May 1911 in Cootamundra. David died 6 May 1920 in Cootamundra, buried: 7 May 1920 in Cootamundra.


18. i Catherine McConaghy b. 23 Dec 1876.

19. ii Hugh McConaghy b. 11 Aug 1877.

iii Evelyn McConaghy, b. 1879 in Cootamundra, d. 1879 in Cootamundra.

iv Maud Mary McConaghy, b. 23 Oct 1880 in Cootamundra, d. 1 Apr 1964 in Sydney.

20. v Mabel McConaghy b. 31 Jul 1882.

vi Arabella McConaghy, b. 8 Jun 1885 in Cootamundra. She married Arthur L P Walker, married 1912 in Cootamundra. Arabella died 23 Nov 1950 in Sydney.

vii David Macfie McConaghy, b. 5 Apr 1887 in Cootamundra, d. 9 Apr 1918 in France, buried: in France 185 Namps-Au-Val British Cemetery.

viii Sarah McConaghy, b. 20 Mar 1889 in Cootamundra. She married Harry Milton Carter, married 4 Aug 1909 in Cootamundra, b. 1888 in Clare, SA, (son of Harry Carter and Sarah Roach Deeble). Sarah died 31 Mar 1959 in Sydney.

ix Samuel Acheson McConaghy, b. 9 Sep 1891 in Cootamundra, d. 18 May 1962 in Sydney.

x Douglas Simpson McConaghy, b. 1895 in Cootamundra, d. 1895 in Cootamundra.

Fourth Generation

11. Mary Jane McConaghy, b. 24 Feb 1867 in 3 Wellington Pl, Darlinghurst. She married John Frederick Friendship, married 23 Apr 1890 in 10 Glenview St, Paddington, b. 3 Oct 1864, d. 9 Apr 1906. Mary died 15 Jun 1932.


i Alma Chestnut Friendship, b. 19 Feb 1891. She married George Percy Cook, married 5 Jul 1913, b. 1 Dec 1889, d. 31 Jan 1963. Alma died 9 Dec 1934.

ii Elsie Olive Friendship, b. 28 Jun 1893 in Bondi. She married Alexander Thomas Corbett, married 14 Apr 1914 in Bondi Junction. Elsie died 28 Apr 1973 in Wollongong.

iii Frederick William Friendship, b. 8 Feb 1896 in Bondi, d. 17 Oct 1917 in Paschendale, France.

iv Alexander Leslie Friendship, b. 28 Jun 1897 in Bondi. He married Majorie MacDonald, married 31 Mar 1923, b. 0 ___ 1894, d. 5 Apr 1977. Alexander died 27 Oct 1943 in Coogee.

v Gordon Friendship, b. 1898, d. 1898.

vi James Andrew Friendship, b. 14 Aug 1899 in Bondi. He married Dora Maine Campbell, married 23 Sep 1922, b. 31 Aug 1898, d. 0 May 1993 in Sydney. James died 22 Aug 1967 in Waverley.

vii Nellie Alison Friendship, b. 22 Apr 1903 in Bondi. She married (1) Charles Wilson. She married (2) Norman Blackburn. She married (3) Stanley Edwards. Nellie died 18 Nov 1980 in Berrigan.

viii Jean Majorie Friendship, b. 1 Jul 1906 in Bondi Junction. She married Eric McElroy, married 24 Feb 1926. Jean died 9 Oct 1973.

12. Alexander McConaghy, b. 1869. He married Louisa Flatt, married 26 Jan 1895 in Redfern, Sydney, b. 10 Feb 1875 in Terrara, Shoalhaven, (daughter of Frederick Walter Flatt and Eleanor Brush) d. 1958 in Sydney. Alexander died 1938 in Sydney, buried: in Sydney.


i Frederick McConaghy, b. 25 Aug 1895 in Paddington, d. in Cairns.

ii Aubrey McConaghy, b. 3 Feb 1899 in Berry, NSW. He married Jean Gwendoline Nairn, married 16 Nov 1927 in Moree, NSW, b. 4 Nov 1904 in "Clifton", Watson's Bay, Sydney, (daughter of James Hannah Nairn and Sarah Jane Creer) d. 1984 in Sydney, buried: in South Head Cemetery, Sydney. Aubrey died 27 Mar 1965 in Sydney, buried: in South Head Cemetery, Sydney.

iii Keith McConaghy, b. 3 Dec 1900 in Berry. He married Rowena Bailes, b. 1905, d. 1963.

iv Alan McConaghy, b. 9 Jan 1906 in Berry. He married Lynette ?.

v Wynne McConaghy, b. 9 Jan 1906 in Berry. She married Max Spencer.

vi Margaret McConaghy, b. 7 Feb 1908 in Berry.

vii Douglas McConaghy, b. 9 Apr 1912 in Berry. He married Joy Higgs.

13. Matilda McConaghy, b. 1871. She married Robert Christopher Beveridge.


i Dorothy Christina Beveridge.

ii Lorna Durcie Beveridge. She married Llondha Holland.

iii Alison Beveridge. She married Fergus Robertson.

iv Alan Robert Beveridge. He married Ida Dansey.

14. James Andrew McConaghy, b. 18 Nov 1874. He married Florence Milgrove Brown. James died 25 Jan 1953.


i Gwen McConaghy, b. 1904. She married Bruce Dymock, d. 1980. Gwen died 1983.

ii Charles Neil McConaghy, b. 1908. He married Fay Otzen.

iii Ross McConaghy, b. 21 Nov 1911. He married Marie Nina Lee, b. 30 Jun 1913. Ross died 15 Apr 1975.

15. William McConaghy, b. 1880. He married Esther Jacobs. William died 1917 in Passchendaele, France.


i Robert McConaghy.

ii Gordon McConaghy. He married Josie ?.

16. Ellen Chestnut McConaghy, b. 1885 in Sydney. She married Garnet Milton Henry, married 20 Apr 1908 in St Stephens, Macquarie St, Sydney, b. 1884 in Berrima, (son of Thomas Henry and Clara Wynn).


i Garnet William Henry, b. 14 Feb 1909 in Cootamundra. He married Audrey Elaine Miller, married 10 Dec 1938 in St Stephens, Macquarie St, Sydney. Garnet died 14 Nov 1988 in North coast NSW.

ii Jack Milton Henry, b. 10 Jun 1910. He married Madge Pickard, married 0 ___ 1944 in Canterbury, b. 0 ___ 1912 in Paddington, d. 0 ___ 1990 in Sydney.

iii Alan Ronald Henry, b. 13 Jul 1914. He married Marjorie Jean Foster, married 0 ___ 1935 in Chatswood.

iv Robert Mac Henry, b. 19 Jan 1921. He married Janet Keys, married 8 Aug 1942 in St Thomas, Mosman, North Sydney, b. 19 Sep 1919 in North Sydney. Robert died 13 Apr 1990 in Lane Cove.

17. Charles McConaghy. He married ?.


i Margaret McConaghy.

18. Catherine McConaghy, b. 23 Dec 1876 in Paddington. She married Walter McClintock, married 21 Feb 1900 in Cootamundra, b. 21 Feb 1868, (son of John McClintock and Jane Bowes Curry) d. 25 Sep 1933. Catherine died 30 Apr 1954 in Cootamundra, buried: in Cootamundra.


i Maxwell McClintock, b. 21 May 1901 in Cootamundra. He married Catherine Ann Cameron, married 12 May 1934 in Cowra, b. 2 Nov 1902.

ii Madge W McClintock, b. 27 Feb 1903 in Cootamundra. She married Robert Leslie Donaldson, married 3 Mar 1931 in Cootamundra, b. 17 Jun 1903.

iii Rita Elizabeth McClintock, b. 1 Jul 1906 in Cootamundra, d. 24 Nov 1973.

iv John David McClintock, b. 29 Apr 1908 in Cootamundra. He married Elsie Malila Slade, married 8 May 1935 in Chatswood, b. 12 Mar 1905.

v Harold Simpson McClintock, b. 7 Apr 1911 in Cootamundra. He married Marie Victor Roberts, married 29 Apr 1939.

vi Lorna McClintock, b. 8 Oct 1912 in Cootamundra.

19. Hugh McConaghy, b. 11 Aug 1877 in Binalong or Boorowa, NSW. He married Ruby Wynn Henry, married 1901 in Cootamundra, b. 2 Dec 1877 in Wallalong (?), NSW, (daughter of Thomas Henry and Clara Wynn) d. 20 Dec 1967 in Sydney. Hugh died 24 Aug 1943 in St George, Sydney, buried: in Springvale Crematorium.


i Clara Isobel McConaghy, b. 1902 in St Leonards. She married J Piper.

ii Robert John McConaghy, b. 28 Aug 1903 in St Kilda. He married Joyce Elizabeth Thomas, married 18 Sep 1928, b. 11 Feb 1905, d. 25 Jun 1972 in St Francis Xavier. Robert died 16 May 1981 in Somers, Vic.

iii Walter Douglas McConaghy, b. 1905 in Marrickville. He married Jessica Blake.

20. Mabel McConaghy, b. 31 Jul 1882 in Cootamundra. She married Edwin Albert McClintock, married 1901 in Cootamundra, b. 18 Feb 1871, (son of John McClintock and Jane Bowes Curry) d. 8 Oct 1951. Mabel died 20 Sep 1953 in Sydney.


i Frank Albury McClintock, b. 21 Apr 1902 in Cootamundra. He married Marjorie B Logan, married 0 ___ 1926 in Ashfield, b. 31 Mar 1903.

ii Doris M McClintock, b. 1904 in Cootamundra, d. 1906 in Cootamundra.

iii Stanley Frampton McClintock, b. 28 Mar 1906 in Cootamundra. He married Dorothy M M Downes, married 8 Feb 1927 in Chatswood, b. 13 Sep 1907.

iv Sadie Kathleen McClintock, b. 30 Apr 1910 in Cootamundra. She married Herbert William Davies, married 8 Sep 1939 in Ashfield, b. 18 Oct 1908, d. 15 Jun 1944.

v Arthur Edwin McClintock, b. 8 Oct 1912 in Cootamundra. He married Betty Lola Packham, married 7 Dec 1940 in Woollahra, b. 22 Feb 1915.

vi Lila Muriel McClintock, b. 28 Jan 1915 in Cootamundra. She married Arthur Eric Wherrett, married 18 May 1934 in Ashfield, b. 22 Feb 1910.

vii Dorothy M McClintock, b. 1918 in Cootamundra, d. 1919 in Cootamundra.

Lisnagunogue, Co. Antrim

Lisnagunogue, Co. Antrim


Ordnance Survey- Memoirs of Ireland

Parishes of County Antrim V, 1830-35, 1837-38

Giant's Causeway and Ballymoney

Volume 16

The Institute of Irish Studies

The Queen's University of Belfast


May 1838


1. (page 55) In the townland of Lisnagunogue there are, beneath the surface of the soft rock, 3 caves ingeniously hewn out. They are in the side of a small valley in the farm of Neal McCay. They branch out from the side of a large hole, nearly ascending to the manner represented in drawings. The hole is the entrance. The height from ceiling to floor is from 2 and a half feet to 4 feet and the width from 3 to 5 feet. The original extremities of these caves are not at present visible, they being choked up to some extent by stones and soil, especially by the crumbling down of the soft rock. The roof forms a rude half-arch, the sides tolerably smooth. The floors seem to have been made originally nearly level, but are now covered with fragments.


2. (page 56) The following is a list of coves, ie. caverns built of stones with flags for the ceiling:

...Lisnagunoge and holding of Robert Given: this is closed...

all these coves have been stopped by the farmers, and generally in such a manner that much more time and trouble was found requisite for their opening than could be spared.


3. (page 58). Names in Billy graveyard...McConaghy


January to May 1838


4. (page 62) Caves in Lisnagunogue- In Lisnagunogue and holding of Neal McCay, and artificially hewn out beneath the surface of an eminence of soft or slatey rock, stand 3 caves forming a junction or communication with each other in one particular point, nearly thus: about 50 feet in length and 20 to 30 feet. In the centre enclosure is an entrance into the 3 caves, but the one approaching to half-circle is open at both ends and the others within the above enclosure only. The entrance to each is narrow, or rather closed to some extent by stones and the falling of part of the roofs, yet there is a gradual descent for a few feet from each entrance. The roof forms a sort of rude half-arch and the sides tolerably smooth. The floors seem to have been nearly level. Their height and width averages nearly as follows: height varied from 2 and a half to 3 and a half or 4 feet and width from 3 to 5 feet. Length, as far as explored, is given of each above, but the extremity of either has not been discovered, neither can their dimensions otherwise be accurately judged as they are choked up to some extent by stones and soil, more particularly by the crumbling down of the brittle rock which form the roof, sides and floors, yet they were most ingeniously hewn and constructed and run several feet in depth beneath the surface of the rock and tillage ground above them. They are situated in view of the site and ruins of some old forts in their neighbourhood and were first discovered in running a new fence over them a few years back. Informants John Kelsey, John McCurdy and others. In Lisnagunogue Upper, and holding of Robert Given, there stands a cave, the walls of which are of dry stonework and roof of long, flat stones. It is now closed and cannot be explored. Informants James McPharson, John Johnston and others. 26th April 1838


5. (page 63) In Moycraig, and holding of Robert McConaghy, there stands a connection of caves...


6. (page 65) Robert McCurdy, in cutting turf in Lisnagunogue mountain in 1828, got, about 4 feet beneath the surface of the bog, an ancient oak vessel much resembling an oval tea-tray. It was oval shaped and concave and measured about 28 by 20 inches and about 1 and a half inches in thickness. It had a rude handle to each end and a sort of margin round the top. A pot-lid, made of the centre part and measuring 14 inches in diameter, is now in Mr McCurdy's house. The above curious vessel was constructed out of a solid piece of wood. Information obtained from the above persons.


7. (page 68) Billy Graveyard- McConaghey, McConaughey...



Co. Antrim

Barony of Cary

Parish of Billy

Townland of Lisnagunogue Upper and Lower


Valuation record (val/2b/1/25b)




Joseph Alexander             4A           12 acres

Hugh McConaghy              8             9 acres



Andrew McConaghy        2Da         house 15 shillings     lessor John McBride

Hugh McConaghy            4Ab         house 10 shillings     lessor Robert Curry


Valuation record (val/12b/2/10a)



Alexander McConaghy             6a            33acres

Charles McConnaghy                6h            house

William McConnaghy                1             7acres

John Connaghy                         Bb

William I McConnaghy              7             21acres


Valuation record (val/12b/2/10b)




Joseph Alexander                 4A and 4B        house and land, 12 and 2acres

Hugh McConaghy                 8                      house and land, 9acres (8stg)



Andrew McConaghy             2Da            house, 15shillings

Hugh McConaghy                 4Ab            house, 10shillings

            note: crossed out in register


Valuation record (val/12b/2/10c)




Hugh McConaghy                   8            house and land, 9acres, (8stg)



Andrew McConaghy              2Da         house, now vacant, 5shillings, lessors John and Daniel McBride

            Note: crossed out in register

Letitia McConaghy                 10j            house and garden, 13perches (1stg)


Valuation record (val/12b/2/10d)




Charles McConaghy               5b and c          38 and 3acres

Samuel McConaghy                8                      9acres

            Note: taken over from Hugh Mc



Alexander McConaghy           7a            house gone (in ruins), 5shillings

Letitia McConaghy                 10j           house and garden, 13perches (1stg)

Alexander McConaghy           10k          house and garden, 14 perches (1stg)


Valuation record (val/12b/2/10e)




Charles McConaghy               5Aa (4001) and 5Ab (4003)

Samuel McConaghy                8 (4009)



Letitia McConaghy                 10j (3961)

Alexander McConaghy           10k (3962)

Lisnagunogue, Co. Antrim



Biography written by Alison Robertson nee Beveridge not earlier than 1977


Owing to the religious persecutions in Scotland, the McConaghys (MacConachies) left Oban, Scotland to settle in Northern Ireland.

Andrew McConaghy born 1801 married Matilda Alexander born 1807. (Andrew told my mother when she was a little girl that he was 14 years old at the time of Waterloo and that there was great poverty in Northern Ireland later.) They lived at Bushmills, 4 to 5 miles from Portrush, Northern Ireland, and had 9 sons and 1 daughter, Martha who died from pneumonia at the age of 10. Our grandfather Alexander, born 1836, the second son of Andrew and Matilda decided to emigrate to Australia in 1863. He was in love with Mary Chesnut, a lovely girl of 16 years, and she promised to marry him when he had a home for her in Australia. After arriving in Sydney in 1863, Alexander attended the old iron Presbyterian Church, St. Stephens, in Macquarie St, where he became very friendly with Thomas Meiklejohn who was engaged to marry Jessie (?).

Mary left Northern Ireland in 1865, the ship sailing first to Scotland before coming to Australia. The General Caulfield took four months to reach Sydney arriving on the 12th October 1865, sometimes having bad weather on the way when Mary was very seasick. Alexanders elder brother, David, was also on the General Caulfield, as well as David McConaghy, 19, Alexanders cousin, son of Hugh and Catherine McConaghy of Antrim, Ulster.

Alexander and Thomas Meiklejohn were on the wharf on the 12th October 1865 to meet and welcome Mary and Jessie to Sydney. Mary and Jesse had become close friends on the ship, so great surprise and happiness for them all.

The marriage of Alexander and Mary took place 3 weeks later (this was in accordance with the law then). Mary had brought her wedding gown and wedding bonnet with her, and was given away at the wedding by the Captain of the General Caulfield.

Their first home was in Darlinghurst, not far from a cow paddock. After their fourth child Martha died at about 10 months from pneumonia, Mary decided it wasnt a very healthy place to live, so about 1876, Alexander our grandfather built a new home at 41 Glenview Street, Paddington. Wests Bush was all roundabout then. When young I can remember seeing a white house set back amongst trees about 100 yards around the corner, the home of Obadiah West. Mother told me there was a family graveyard of the Wests there when she was young, later removed. No. 41 is still standing, not red bricks now, still with the original piece of land at the side, some of the rear ground had helped make a lane at the rear some years ago.

David McConaghy, Alexanders brother went to live in New Zealand, prospered and married a doctors daughter there. David McConaghy, Alexanders cousin married Mary Lang, a farmers daughter living near Wollongong, and later they settled in Cootamundra. Two of there daughters, Catherine and Mabel, married brothers Walter and Edwin McClintock, who had properties a few miles out of Cootamundra.

Granny and Grandfather lived very happily at No 41 Glenview Street. They had nine children and 27 grandchildren, the last one being born after Grandfather died on the 29th October 1918. The family was very clannish and Glenview Street was a great gathering home for all the relations. Granny was the most hospitable, warm-hearted and kindest of women, and full of fun. How she enjoyed being teased by her sons. I still remember the Irish ditty she would sing when sitting on her knee. Have such happy memories of staying often for a few days at Grannies in the school holidays, and always having the company of a couple of cousins who were staying there also. Grandfather was so clever at making different articles and so good to us, and after dinner he would often show us the planets and stars through his telescope.

We saw a great deal of Auntie Nell all through our lives. Her wedding in 1908 was the first I attended and she had several of her nieces and nephews at her marriage to Garnet Henry at St. Stephens Macquarie Street. Alma and Dorothy were both young bridesmaids, Dorothy was still at school, and we all had fun at the party in town afterwards. Nell and Garnet fell in love when she was about 15 , a very pretty girl, and he was 17. Nell was staying in Cootamundra to be present at the wedding of David McConaghys eldest son, Hugh, to Ruby Henry. Nell and Garnet lived in Coota for a few years, so when we went to stay with them during schools holidays we became friends with the McConaghy and McClintock families.

Grandfather was very anxious for his parents Andrew and Matilda to meet and see his children, so his arranged for them to come from Northern Ireland sometime about the middle of the 1870s. They both died about 1882 or 1883 from Typhoid fever during an epidemic at that time. They lived with Grandfather and Granny. My mother often told me how much she loved her Grandfather Andrew, a dear and lovely man, and told me my sister Lornas pretty teeth were inherited from Grandmother Matilda, and Auntie Mary, Auntie Nell and I had inherited her thick luxuriant hair.




Arrived Sydney 5 Dec 1863 as assisted immigrant on "Hotspur".

Lived firstly at 66 Great Barcom St and Victoria Lane, Darlinghurst- 1867-1875.

Attended St Stephens in Macquarie St, friend of Thomas Meiklejohn.

Built home at 41 (15) Glenview St, Paddington in 1888/89 and probably the row of terraces adjacent.

Death reg#17851, buried Presbyterian cemetery Rookwood allotment 147 sect 4D.


The grave of Alexander and Mary McConaghy in the Presbyterian Cemetery Necropolis Rookwood- Grave Allotment 147 Section 4D.


Six members of the McConaghy family are buried in this grave:

        Alexander McConaghy, born 3rd March 1836, died 29th October 1918.

        Mary McConaghy, born 7th March 1847, died 9th July 1933.


Their two children:

        Andrew McConaghy, sixth and youngest son, born 29th September 1882, died 1904.

        Martha, third daughter, died at 10 months about 1973.


Their parents:

Andrew McConaghy and Matilda McConaghy (nee Alexander) came to Sydney about 1878 or a little later and died within a week of each other about 1882.




Andrew born 1802 (may have been born 1807) in Bushmills?

Owned property in Lisnagunogue (Valuation records 1865-750 until emigrating

Arrived Sydney 1876, lived with Alexander and Mary in Paddington

Died 19  November 1888 of Typhoid fever?


Matilda Alexander born 1817 in Drumnagee

Died 6 May 1889 of Typhoid fever?

David McConaghy and family

David Macfie McConaghy (left)- killed WW1 and brother, Samuel



Possibly born 1846

Emigrated from Ulster to Sydney on the "General Caulfield" in 1865

Could read and write

Farm labourer in Dunseverick, Antrim.

Ironmonger in Sydney at least until 1875 (marriage)

Married at "Balgowrie" (death cert)

Marriage witnessed by Alexander Lang and Alexander McConaghy

Moved to Cootamundra and became mailguard

Lived at "Cleves", Sutton St, Cootamundra

Alexander McConaghy



Born in Sydney in 1869.

Met and married Louisa Flatt in 1895.

Worked as a CBC bank manager in Berry

Retired to "Franconia" Macleay St, Kings Cross

Died in Sydney in 1938.

Aubrey (Pat) McConaghy (front row, 1st from right)

Louisa McConaghy, her son Aubrey, grandson Doug and g. granddaughter, Joanne



Born Berry

Educated at Sydney Grammar with Beau Longworth

Worked property at Rylestone

Served in WW1 in Light Horse Regiment in Middle East

Worked central Qld at Winton about 1926

Worked around Moree area

Station manager at "Talana" near Moree and Mungindi, owned by Longworth family

Met and married Jean Nairn of Garah

Left Talana when son Clifford Longworth returned to property

Worked Mungindi as Stock and Station agent

Left for Sydney prior to WW2 eventually to rent flat at Baden St

Served as Warrant Officer in Army Offices at Grace Bros., Broadway during WW2

Worked as Supply Clerk- Medals and Badges (Victoria Barracks- Engineers Drill Hall)

Twice in State team in lawn bowls for Coogee club

More information can be found at the following link:

McConaghy Society of America

bbc on-line