McConaghy/Flatt/Nairn/Creer Family History
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The Flatt Family History

1. John Flatt, b. 27 Sep 1767. He married Deborah Mabson, married in Saxmundham, Suffolk, b. 5 May 1777, d. 6 Dec 1848, buried: in Saxmundham, Suffolk. John died 21 Oct 1834, buried: in Saxmundham, Suffolk.


i Mary Flatt, b. 1803, d. 1820.

ii William Flatt, b. 1805, d. 1849.

2. iii John Flatt b. 1808.

iv Ann Flatt, b. 1809. She married Charles Freeman. Ann died 1884 in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

v Thomas Flatt, b. 1811, d. 1811.

vi Eliza Flatt, b. 1813. She married Henry Edwards. Eliza died 1854 in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Second Generation

2. John Flatt, b. 1808. He married Susan Neeve, b. 1813, (daughter of James Neeve and Susan Johnson) d. 3 Apr 1895 in Saxmundham, Suffolk, buried: in Saxmundham, Suffolk. John died 15 Aug 1877 in Saxmundham, Suffolk, buried: in Saxmundham, Suffolk.


i Susan Eliza Flatt, b. 1837, d. 1901 in Norwood, London.

ii John Henry Flatt, b. 1839, d. 1881 in Jamaica.

iii Ellen Mary Flatt, b. 1841. She married William Harrison Hillman. Ellen died 1908.

iv William Thomas Flatt, b. 1842, d. in Canterbury, England.

v James Edward Flatt, b. 1844, d. 1916 in Ilford, England.

3. vi Frederick Walter Flatt b. 1845.

vii Robert Arthur Flatt, b. 1847.

viii Katherine Anne Flatt, b. 1849.

4. ix George Neeve Flatt b. 1851.

x Alice Emma Flatt, b. 1852.

xi Margaret Elizabeth Flatt, b. 1854. She married Sydney Hellyer.

Third Generation

3. Frederick Walter Flatt, b. 1845 in Saxmundham, Suffolk. He married Eleanor Brush, married in Sydney, b. 13 Sep 1847, (daughter of John Brush and Louisa Smith) d. 28 Mar 1915 in Milson's Point, buried: 29 Mar 1915 in Gore Hill Cemetery. Frederick died 15 Nov 1924 in North Sydney, buried: in Gore Hill Cemetery.


i Ethel Flatt, b. 1870, d. 1927.

5. ii Walter Brush Neeve Flatt b. 1871.

6. iii John Flatt b. 1873.

7. iv Louisa Flatt b. 10 Feb 1875.

8. v Arthur Flatt b. 1877.

vi Eleanor Margaret Flatt, b. 1879, d. 1964.

vii Susan Norton Flatt, b. 1881, d. 1882.

viii Eric Hellyer Flatt, b. 1883, d. 1916.

9. ix Dorothy Alice Flatt b. 1886.

4. George Neeve Flatt, b. 1851. He married Eveline Esme Johnson, b. 1862, d. 1931. George died 1918.


10. i Edward Herbert Flatt b. 1880.

ii John Alexander Flatt, b. 1883, d. 1955.

iii Cecil Arthur Flatt, b. 1885, d. 1962.

iv Eveline Maude Flatt, b. 1887, d. 1966.

v Leslie Neeve Flatt, b. 1889, d. 1957.

Fourth Generation

5. Walter Brush Neeve Flatt, b. 1871. He married Elizabeth Rachel Ellis. Walter died 1917.


i Marjorie Neeve Flatt, b. 1894. She married Stanley Small. Marjorie died 1955.

ii Molly Neeve Flatt, b. 1903. She married Aubrey Lemaire. Molly died 1982.

iii Sylvia Neeve Flatt, b. 1905. She married Adrian Haywood. Sylvia died 1986.

iv Elizabeth Neeve Flatt, b. 1908. She married John Nicholson.

v Walter Neeve Flatt, b. 1910, d. 1951.

vi Frederick Neeve Flatt, b. 1912. He married (1) Florence Wilson. He married (2) Elizabeth Rowe. Frederick died 1954.

vii George Neeve Flatt, b. 1914. He married Eleanor Grace Gibson. George died 1975.

viii Eric Neeve Flatt, b. 1916. He married Patricia Grace Kingston. Eric died 1992.

6. John Flatt, b. 1873. He married Emma Maude Bode. John died 1938.


i Elinor Maude Flatt, b. 1900, d. 1964.

ii Walter John Neeve Flatt, b. 1902. He married (1) Ethel Jones. He married (2) Margaret ?. Walter died 1978.

7. Louisa Flatt, b. 10 Feb 1875 in Terrara, Shoalhaven. She married Alexander McConaghy, married 26 Jan 1895 in Redfern, Sydney, b. 1869, (son of Alexander McConaghy and Mary Chestnut) d. 1938 in Sydney, buried: in Sydney. Louisa died 1958 in Sydney.


i Frederick McConaghy, b. 25 Aug 1895 in Paddington, d. in Cairns.

ii Aubrey McConaghy, b. 3 Feb 1899 in Berry, NSW. He married Jean Gwendoline Nairn, married 16 Nov 1927 in Moree, NSW, b. 4 Nov 1904 in "Clifton", Watson's Bay, Sydney, (daughter of James Hannah Nairn and Sarah Jane Creer) d. 1984 in Sydney, buried: in South Head Cemetery, Sydney. Aubrey died 27 Mar 1965 in Sydney, buried: in South Head Cemetery, Sydney.

iii Keith McConaghy, b. 3 Dec 1900 in Berry. He married Rowena Bailes, b. 1905, d. 1963.

iv Alan McConaghy, b. 9 Jan 1906 in Berry. He married Lynette ?.

v Wynne McConaghy, b. 9 Jan 1906 in Berry. She married Max Spencer.

vi Margaret McConaghy, b. 7 Feb 1908 in Berry.

vii Douglas McConaghy, b. 9 Apr 1912 in Berry. He married Joy Higgs.

8. Arthur Flatt, b. 1877. He married Marjory Broughton. Arthur died 1951.


i Arthur Maxwell Flatt, b. 1911. He married Audrey Viner.

ii Douglas Maxwell Flatt, b. 1914. He married Sheila Brown.

iii Joan Maxwell Flatt, b. 1916. She married Ralph D Chambers.

9. Dorothy Alice Flatt, b. 1886. She married Edward Charles Close Platt. Dorothy died 1966.


i Eleanor Mary Platt, b. 1916.

ii Edward Charles Close Platt, b. 1920. He married Lucie Bertha Campbell.

10. Edward Herbert Flatt, b. 1880. He married Eve Annie Newman, b. 1885, d. 1951. Edward died 1963.


i John Clifford Flatt, b. 1913.

ii Eveline Esme Flatt, b. 1915. She married Ronald J Richardson.

iii Sylvia Flatt, b. 1922. She married James Edwards, b. 1915, d. 1985.

Flatt gravestone- Saxmundham, Suffolk

Frederick Walter Flatt

Eleanor Flatt, nee Brush

John Brush


Arrived in Sydney c. 1837. Est. Saddler & Harness Maker 240 George St in 1840

1844-5 Sydney Directory shows "John Brush, 240 George St, Saddler etc"

Opened an account with the Bank of NSW on 10 July 1841

Subsequent premises 407 George(1866), 403 George(1886), 403-405 George(1896)

Described as importers and manufacturers of saddlery, harness and portmanteaux

D. at his res. "Louisa Villa" Pitt,Cleveland Streets, Redfern, Death reg#11795



JOHN BRUSH 1814-1894.


Born 14th February, 1814 at Rathfriland, County Down Ireland, son of Crane Richard Brush (1789-18?) and Eleanor (nee Gribben). Arrived in Sydney circa.1837/8 as a free immigrant and in 1840 established a business of Saddler and Harness Maker at 240 George Street, Sydney. Sydney Directory 1835 lists John Brown, Saddler- George Street. The 1844-5 Directory shows John Brush, 240 George Street, Saddler and Harness Maker.  John Brush opened an account with the Bank of New South Wales on 10th July, 1841 so there is a possibility that he had bought the existing business of John Brown. Subsequent Sydney Directories show the business address to be 407 George Street (1866-76); 403 George Street (1886) and in 1896 the address was given as 403-405 George Street and the firm was described as importers and manufacturers of saddlery, harness and portmanteaux.


John Brush was a descendant of a Captain John Brush who is believed to have gone to Ireland from Kent about 1599. He married a relative of Sir John Vaughan, Governor of Derry. A grandson, also a John Brush (died 1741) was an ensign and later a lieutenant in Colonel Crofts Regiment, fought at the Battle of the Boyne (1690) and the siege of Derry. He was granted property at Darkmoney, Omagh for his services. A great-grandson of John Brush of Darkmoney, Crane Brush (1762-1850) was admitted as Attorney Exchequer in Dublin in 1785. He married Anne Skelton in 1783 and the third son of this marriage, Crane Richard Brush (1789-?) first married an Eleanor Gribben. It seems that she died at or shortly after the birth of John Brush as Crane Richard married his cousin, Mary Anne Brush (a daughter of James Brush, Chaplain to the Bishop of Dromane) on the 15th November 1816.


Nothing is known of the childhood of John Brush. It is possible that he was brought up by his grandparents  as, until recently, his descendants believed him to be the son, rather than the grandson of Crane Brush. His reason for emigrating is not known and it does not seem that he kept in contact with his family in Ireland.


In 1845 John Brush married Louisa Smith at Glebe, Sydney. She was a daughter of James Smith, Tailor and Draper, of Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland and Margaret (nee McDonna). Louisa died in 1865 aged 40 and had lived 27 years in N.S.W. so presumably had arrived in 1838 approximately the same time as John.


The children of the marriage were:

(a)   Eleanor, Born 13.9.1847. Died 28.3.1915 Married Frederick Walter Flatt
(b)   M
argaret, Born 15.5.1850 Died 15.8.1930 Never married.
(c)   John, Born 1.2.1852 Died 5.5.1911 Married Jane Florence Hayes 1879
(d)   Mary, Born 26.9.1854 Died 5.10.1854


In 1869 John Brush married again to  Frances Moore (1832-1912)


The children of the second marriage were:

(a) Alice, Born 17.10.1870 Died 26.7.1950 Never married
(b)    Frederick, Born 19.4.1872 Died 16.3.1898 Never married
(c) William, Born 13.8.1874 Died 13.3.1895 Never married


John Brush died on 22nd August, 1894 at his residence, Louisa Villa, Pitt and Cleveland Streets, Redfern aged 90 years and was buried at Waverley Cemetery, 23rd August, 1894.


John Brush and his wife, Jane Florence (nee Haynes) had two sons-


(a) John Broughton Brush 1880-1954

(b) Bruce Hayes Brush 1881-1929 Married but no issue


John Broughton Brush married Athena Petgethenou and had two sons-


(a) John Broughton Brush 1913-1961 Married Dorothy Duffy and had three sons and a daughter


(b) Bruce Broughton Brush 1920-1983 Married Mabel Raffin and had one daughter, Sally Raffin Brush


Robert Johnson of Leiston, father of Susan Johnson

Mother of Susan Johnson

James Neeve

Susan Neeve nee Johnson


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